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Posted 2 years ago

Dave Chappelle and my iPhone

If you like Dave Chappelle, you’re probably aware that he dropped out of show business for the most part a while back, and now does random shows whereever and whenever he feels like it, with little to no warning. I’ve long dreamt of going to one of Chappelle’s pop-ups, and he seems to have a special fondness for the Bay Area, because he does them here quite a bit (though they’re usually in Oakland). Apparently he’ll call a venue, sometimes just a day or two in advance, and book the space (adios, moderately famous indie band previously scheduled for the night). He can do this because he charges $55 for tickets, and his shows sell out in literally one minute. Luckily, my friend Peter was sitting by the computer hitting the refresh button like a maniac when the tickets went up, and was able to purchase a pair. Even more luckily, he invited me with him. 

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